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Alex Smith's Profile

My OC takes place in a universe where South Park and The Secret Show are combined. This is her childhood you're about to read. When she's 17 she moves to the United Kingdom to become a secret agent for U.Z.Z.

full name: Alex Jane Smith
age: 11 going on 12
birthday: February 17
hair color: solid black
eyes: brown
skin color: tan (born in Mexico and adopted at the age of 2)
status: single
accent: Southern (she has a few of her own though)
hometown: lives near South Park in the mountians.
school: South Park Elementary (homeschooled since K-3. Went to South Park Elementary in 4th)
grade: 5th
Occupation: to become a secret agent

She gets mad when somebody gets beat up around her. She's a fighter/protecter, but she's lovable.

She hardly ever gets cold.

She will often misplace small items.

She loves to wear her blue swag hat and her cozy purple hat.

She likes to wear baggy clothes, sometimes with boots.

She's not a very dressy type of girl, but she will dress up for special occasions.

She hates makeup, but the only makeup she'll wear is mascara, eyeliner, and a little bit if eyeshadow. She mostly doesn't need that much cause she has her sexy tan skin.

She's a good hip hop dancer and it's also her favorite kind of music.

She is shy,  but she can talk to whoever speaks to her.

She kinda has a perverted mind.

Her favorite color is red. Blue and purple are her fav pairing colors.

Her favorite food is: brussel sprouts. Favorite meat is chicken and her favorite dessert is chewy oatmeal cookies.

She likes to run, play video games, pretend she's a secret agent (she's got skills of one since she was 8), skateboard/snowboard, and clean, (she may be a little bit of a cleanliness person, but she likes to get dirty)

Pets are:  a terroir named Chip and a cat named Max.

She loves animals and she wouldn't harm a fly (only if bugs are bugging her)

Well, that's all I can think about her for right now.
My OC's profile.

This is her ask account :iconaskalexsmith:
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December 3, 2012
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